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Fully Transparent, "Over-The-Shoulder" Service with Real-Time Alerts + Ratio Based Exit Strategy!

Our mission is to help everyday people achieve financial independence, so they have the time and freedom to pursue life's higher callings.

How It Works

SilverChartist is a tight-knit community of precious metals and hard asset traders/investors who are laser focused on leveraging this commodity supercycle to achieve financial freedom. We are laser focused on Silver, Uranium, Gold, Platinum, Battery Metals, and Energy.

As a member, you get:

  • A fully-transparent “over-the-shoulder” look at Steve Penny's personal strategy & long-term portfolio
  • Actionable real-time alerts and trade setups
  • Live strategy sessions
  • Steve’s detailed long-term exit strategy
  • ... and so much more!

How We're Different

As a community, we're navigating these markets together, and keeping one other sharp along the way. Steve and the team share their actionable insights, but are also sharpened by the savvy members of our community as well.

This community exists to help members amplify returns in the commodity super-cycle as we work together towards achieving our own individual goals. Iron sharpens iron!

This is a fully transparent, "over-the-shoulder" trading and investing service with real-time alerts. Nothing held back.

Our Strategy is Simple

  • Build a core portfolio that adheres to a simple buy & hold strategy, with a ratio-based long-term exit strategy.
  • Hold a separate dedicated trading portfolio designed to identify asymmetric trading setups, allowing us to amplify gains by trading around core positions.
  • Own some physical metals, stored outside of the banking system.

In general, hard assets make mediocre to poor long-term investments, BUT there are periods of time when they outperform nearly everything.

The evidence strongly suggests that we are in the early innings of just such a cycle, where wealth is transferred from holders of overvalued paper assets to undervalued hard assets.

We have assembled the best team in the business to position ourselves in the right stocks at the right times, coupled with a long-term exit strategy designed to deliver maximum risk-adjusted returns.

What Our Members Are Saying

We look forward to serving you as we navigate these markets alongside one another!